Save Sumatra Elephant #RIP Yongky


Last night, one of our famous singers – TULUS won AMI Awards 2015 but too bad he can’t receive his award on the stage due to his tight schedule. He just sent a SMS through his manager on the stage. His manager read it “We are sorry to hear that Gajah (Elephant) has been killed by a hunter and they took its precious life with its ivory forever. They left it in suffer and died in grief.

Yongky, the elephant’s name was being poisoned by the hunter without mercy just 7-hours after being left by his ranger in our national park – Bukit Barisan Selatan, Pemerisan – West Lampung. This can’t be ignored by our government, there are only 2,000 sumatran elephant left. Mostly they live in danger due to the massive palm plantation that bring hazard nowadays.

Elephants need hundred of kilometers forest to survive and now being killed by hunters. Maybe someday, we can’t see sumatran elephants in the forest. We only can see them in the zoo or museums. #RIPYongkySaveElephants


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