Complaint to Giant Ibis Bus in Cambodia

ImageOn the first trip (17 January 2013 – 12.30 PM) to Siem Reap from Phonm Penh, it was a great journey with giant ibis. The bus was very comfort and your guide in the bus was very nice and polite. The bus rate was USD 30/pax/one way to Siem Reap from Phonm Penh. The bus was still new and they journey took 6 – 7 hours to Siem reap.

ImageDuring the trip to sieam reap, they stopped 2 times at the rest area for 30 minutes. And they offered a free snack, mineral water and wet tissue. Finally we arrived at siem reap at 07.00 PM and some tuk-tuk drivers had waited for us at the bus station. The rate from bus to our hotel was only USD 3 with tuk-tuk.

Finally we ended our journey in Siem reap on 20 January 2013, we already had a reservation with Giant Ibis at 12.30 PM. We left our hotel at 11.15 AM and arrived at the bus station in 11.45 AM. After I gave our online reservation to a ticket lady and paid USD 39 for 3 passangers, we were on board to the bus. Oppsss…problem began, our seat numbers – 1 A and 2 A had sold to another passangers, so we got another seat numbers. Suddenly, there were 3 Korean passangers acclaimed our seat number with their reserved seat number. Problem began, because my friend was injured in siem reap n he can’t walk. The bloody bus guide in the bus offered us a plastic chair in the bus. And he said to give discount USD 3 easily. He just considered his offer was the best to solve the problem.

That’s not right in a service business like Giant Ibis does now. Every reservation must be valid and considered well. The bus manager could not decide the best, he offered another bloody bus, worse than giant ibis with the same price. We were really upset and mad at the time, the bus guide and manager were really fool and panic. They didn’t know how to solve the problem. He supposed to give a quick and fair response. Fortunately, a foreign guy gave his seat and a lady wanted to change her seat for us. Instead of the bloody Korean, we hated them because they didn’t have manner and pushed us to give our seat. They didn’t care at all and accused us lying. Actually, they had lied to us, that they must catch a flight at the same time. Finally we found that the Korean only left phonm penh at another day by bus to another city in Cambodia.

Image if we must stand up for 6 – 7 hours drive to Phonm Penh, it’s absolutely insane. Giant Ibis reservation system must be updated and the branch office in siem reap doesn’t have any computer or laptop. Simple thing that Giant Ibis can do manually, head office in phonm penh could send the online reservation printing by fax daily or send by email and print in siem reap.

The printing should be given to the ticketing guy in the bus station, it can be done to minimize the problem. Training the bus manager, ticketing guys, bus guide to be more polite, aware and smart. The bus was delayed 45 minutes just to decide what need to do with the 2 passangers that lose their seat number.

Imagine this happen to your family and friends while they travel in cambodia and must catch a flight asap. I guess Giant Ibis must learn and improve alot their service. From this experience, make sure to call the giant Ibis for your reservation before departure. Because advance payment is really unreliable, you still can loose your seat number.


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